dead sea groups

we organize Dead Sea hotels for groups,
crown plaza dead sea fun days at the Dead Sea hotels, Dead Sea tours for groups,
trips to Masada, jeep tours.

Tourism Company International booking Israel Tours
Orgenize israel day tours
israel group tours
Tourism Company International
booking Israel hotels, Dead Sea hotels,
Jerusalem hotels, Tel Aviv hotels, north israel Hotels, Eilat.

Our company for many years organized Dead Sea groups vacation. We accompany our clients from formulating the idea, Through the stages of implementation, help in choosing a suitable hotel.

selecting Dead Sea groups Hotel
Choosing a hotel by location.
trips to Masada Level of the hotel according to customer requirements.
Select by Budget.
Dead Sea hotels half board.
Dead Sea hotels all inclusive.

dead sea groups fun day packages
Standard Spa Package - Base
Getting towels
Use of facilities permitted,
Private beach, a freshwater pool,
in the Spa - saltwater pool, Jacuzzis.
Lunch and coffee and cake.

Spa Package Massage 30 minutes
Getting robe
dead sea groups Use of facilities permitted,
Private beach, a freshwater pool,
in the Spa - saltwater pool, Jacuzzis.
Lunch and coffee and cake

dead sea groups tours
trips to Masada, Guided tours in Masada
recognition the heroic story of Masada
a Few against many.
Jeep Tour in the Dead Sea.
Trip to the Dead Sea rivers.
group dead sea

As a tourist company we work with
all Dead Sea hotels.
Dead Sea hotels
Crowne Plaza Dead Sea,
Leonardo Club Dead Sea,
Spa Club Dead Sea,
Daniel Dead Sea Hotel,
Royal Dead Sea,
Isrotel Dead Sea,
Leonardo Privilege Dead Sea,
group dead sea Herods Hotel Dead Sea,
David Hotel Dead Sea,
Oasis Dead Sea,
Ganim Hotel Dead Sea,
Hod Hotel Dead Sea,
Leonardo Inn Dead Sea,
Hotel Ein Gedi Dead Sea.

for More information
spa club dead sea leonardo privilege dead sea leonardo club dead sea
david resort dead sea royal dead sea hod dead sea
oasis dead sea daniel dead sea herods dead sea
ein gedi dead sea gardens dead sea isrotel dead sea
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